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Programs & Services

Gems Uncovered / Programs & Services

Gems Uncovered Inc. offers two different programs that will empower our participants and assist them to reach their goals and dreams. YOU Matter – Always!

The first is the “Free 2B Me – Redirection Program” (Redirection – something new, something different, new purpose).

This is a 16-week, 4 Level program offered to new participants of Gems Uncovered who are seeking change in their life and needing the support necessary.  Support is provided from our Survivor Advocate and Mentor, to Job Placement and Education Team, and more. See information below showing each Level and Weekly Discussion along with the Services offered. This is a Free Program.

The 2nd Program is for our Free 2B Me Alumni called “The Next Move.”

Graduates from the Redirection Program have access to this opportunity to continue on their journey with Group support.

It is a bi-weekly program for 10 weeks, one hour sessions for alumni to engage in small group conversations with their peers to explore and discuss challenges that still come after leaving the life, and how to navigate through them.  There are courses relating to financing, communication skills, problem-solving, therapy, and much more. See Information below. This is a Free Support Program.