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MYRA MILLERProgram Director & Volunteer Leader

I learned of Human Trafficking at a women’s conference in 2009, and after hearing the statistics of human trafficking that was happening right in my own city, I began questioning myself with, “Why I had not seen this tragic story of so many young girls and women happening right in front of me?” The answer was I didn’t know what human trafficking was or what it looked like. 

My heart was very disturbed, but it disturbed me enough to want to do something. What, I didn’t know! It’s now 2021 after many workshops, conferences, hours of training, going out on the streets of Long Beach, Lynwood, Compton, and Los Angeles were the victims are, seeing darkness up close and personal my heart is even more compassionate to do more, speak louder, and hope that their story will become your story by inspiring them to find their voice and live a life of authenticity as they began to see the vision God has in store for them and they will become excited about their future as they discover their very own passion and dreams. Why I continue to serve because this is what I’ve learned. 

Who is she? 

She’s a daughter. She’s a mother. She’s a best friend. She’s God’s creation. She’s a dream that stopped growing. She’s the girl that just needed to know she is worth Saving.