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ELISE GREENBoard Officer - Treasurer

My exposure to the plight of human trafficking came from organizations in my church. I learned that Long Beach was a hub of trafficking activity and that a lot of the trafficked people were students who were in the foster care system or aging out of the system. This broke my heart.

As a young girl when I would go to work with my mother in her evening job, I always wondered why there were so many young people out on the streets so late at night. My mother’s response was that “sometimes life was not going well in these people’s homes and often the young people would feel like they needed to leave, yet had no place to go.” And my conclusion was that they ended up homeless an on the streets. My conclusion was right. However, there is also a more sinister element involved and that it is profitable to those who seek out the vulnerable.

The Lord has reminded me that he loves these young people just as much as he loves me and they are in need of support. I am glad to have the opportunity to be in an organization who sees this need and takes action.

I pray that my past as a youth pastor of 22.5 years, an event producer, children’s book author and currently a personal development coach will be put to use in making a difference in the lives we have the opportunity to make a difference.  They are world changers. Let’s change the world for the better.