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TAMMY WONGBoard Officer - Secretary

Through my own personal life transformation, I’m reminded daily of the constant healing and care that we all need, and the blessings that come out of it. Sharing your afflictions with others to instill hope, and survival helps others overcome, which is one reason I’m devoted to serving the needs and inspiring motivation into those who are experiencing unjustifiable trauma due to human trafficking.

I’m personally devastated by how many children are suffering and how much pain people are feeling when living a horrible reality that is oftentimes ignored and shunned by society. My hope is that the human trafficking pandemic gets so much more attention that not only do people realize the severity of the issues, but also contribute to the solutions. One of the most beautiful things to witness is when someone reclaims their life back, redefine who they are and seek mental and physical freedom. My hope is that lives are pieced back together, families are reunited and survivors wounds are healed for they too, can share the metamorphosis that has given them the life one wants and deserves.

Tammy has a degree in Psychology with a focus in Criminal Justice. She is also certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a personal trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and holds a Behavior Change Specialist certificate awarded by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

She loves all things human nature and says some of the best words are the “F” words: Faith, Family, Friends, Fun, Fitness and Future!