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Because God.

Because God provided me the opportunity to do so. Because He blessed me with the skills that Gems Uncovered happened to need…at the right time. In His time. With His people. He led me to becoming Treasurer of Gems Uncovered.

Gems Uncovered changes lives. It provides new perspectives, a new start. It breaks chains & provides a safe, healing place with a team of people whom God works through displaying his grace, love, mercy & understanding. Changing lives, one at a time.  This is the type of work that changes our entire world.

I have a degree in Corporate Finance & Accounting, now running my own Consulting Firm. With a background in working with special needs children since I was a child myself, and prior experience in working with a Human Trafficking non-profit organization, I am an empathetic person who has always strived to connect and encourage those around me. As we lift others up, we also lift up ourselves.

All is possible through Him.