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CARINA CRISTIANOCommunications Advisor

Carina Cristiano is a native to Long Beach and she has a Heart Driven Purpose in all that she does. Her life’s work thus includes acts of humanity for people and pets. Her body of work encompasses her important role as the Project Director of a Social Infrastructure platform to teaching in the classroom as well as contributing to animal rescue and advocacy as a Co-Chair to Mayor Garcia’s Animal Task Force Community. Her list goes on.

She has amazing energy and enthusiasm and this explains how she gets so much done! Her mission in life is to make this world a better place by being the best version of herself in the eyes of God. She met Mary White, the Founder of Gems Uncovered, just when Mary was starting her nonprofit and she immediately made connections and brought about awareness to her important work through the Connected Corridor almost ten years ago.

Yet it was during the 2020 pandemic that Carina was having Mary and Gems Uncovered coming to her in prayer. So much so that three different people mentioned Mary to her in one week, so she knew this was a serious calling from God. She picked up the phone and was greeted by Mary thinking of her too, thus both of them realizing God was their source. Since then she has been actively providing her expertise in social media, communications, online community engagement and fundraising. What perfect timing since it was leading into the 2nd Annual Long Beach Gives Campaign too.

In Carina’s testimony, “There is nothing short of God’s miraculous ways that brought me to contribute to supporting the mission and vision of the Gems Uncovered Organization. I feel humbly grateful to work with such conscientious kindhearted people doing GOOD. I am truly impressed with how everyone on the board plus all the positive partnerships take action to make a difference in the most vulnerable of lives, victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.”

Carina has her BA from U.S.C. in Humanities, her K-12 Multi-Subject Teaching Credential from CSULB and her MS Administration from Pepperdine University’s Educational Leadership Academy. As the Founder of Heart Driven Purpose, her Consultant Firm with Connective Coaching for individual and team needs, she feels she has found another layer in purpose by being a part of the Gems Uncovered TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.